Quantum physics

I don’t understand you

Do you understand you?

What energy shell are you in

Why are you in a spin

Little old electron

Quark or a proton

I just don’t get where you all fit

Quantum number, quantum phase

The equations have me in a daze

We don’t know where that particles gone

Oh it was here all along…


You must fill in this letter

You must fill out this form

You must do this random survey

Of no personal interest at all

Answer this email

Obligate to a call

Message me click or like

Claim your free reward

Put down the tasks

Stop a while

Maybe sit outside

Just enjoy the peace of life until another call…


Repetition repetition commar fullstop

Use illeteration simile metaphor

Personify simplify pronoun verb describe

I don’t remember any of this

I just like to jot it down

English teachers beware of this blog

I just write down my thoughts

It’s just too much for me to think about

I’m off for a cup of tea


Carnivorous or not I’m not too sure? Seem genuine on the surface and we laugh and we recall. Is this an allie or am I a fly to be deceived? However trust over time links are clearly made. New links will appear one day and old ones fade away.

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