Life Chapter

Ponder, wonder, wrong direction

Bored in depth of unaffection

Stewing, pressure, boil over

Stirring silently, daring never

Waste a minute, turn a year

Shed a pot of many tear

Smile slightly comes across

Starting on a new course plot

Set the sail, ride the wave

Adventure bound for the brave.


Meeting to attend

Sit obedient till the end

Time better spent

Clinical environment

Can’t we make this interactive

My chair is my captive

Contribution taking part

Can we talk right from the start?

I decide to take the stand

Stand with me change the land

Ditch PowerPoint presentation

Ditch electronic motivation

Talk , discuss let’s chat outside and fearless

What’s your name let’s get to know you

Inspire and enthuse you

For if we talk together

This meeting could be pleasure.


Falling flight , endless air

Faster, paper layers tear

No parachute, no safety net

Shard of glass upon the floor

Is this life worth fighting for?

I shall reflect a different door

Endless day about to change

Ascend from fall and up to grace

Life now full of opportune

A door of fate, a life of doom?

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