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Slightly quietly yearning away Niggling slowly over the day Slight at first then start to sway Predator crave captured the prey Holding all thought Centre in mind I can’t unsee it no matter the try The want the crave is all I see Totally taken over me Once in my grasp I let it goContinue reading “Crave”


A wish for freedom to be outdoors A wish for moving from these walls A wish for change how hard its made A wish for a start on a brand new day A wish for a new step, a mighty change A wish to wake up different today Wish not for what your waiting forContinue reading “Wish”


Familiar house open your door Walk across the well trod floor Look up high to ceiling gable Daily food on old oak table Nightly bed of warmth and sleep Safely house your people keep Generation come and go Winter fire of golden glow.

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