Season greet

Gold glitter Diamond flute Crimson cranberry Orange peel Candle twist Twinkle little tree Rosy faces Gather round Toast a glass with me.


Cocoon of love Internal warmth Tatty blanket Favourite mug Scent of shampoo Fresh clean clothes Comfy shoes For growing toes Food to nourish Life content Peaceful sleep Environment.


It just comes on this need to write Put pen to paper Or text to type On the desk lay Words of Comfort Staged before Inspired thought Youth curtain call Note it down Do not ignore Niggle and doubt Life recall Begin next chapter There’s no rehearse One shot only Mid life verse.

Palm tree dream

My mind is very tired Full and overrun Heavy eyes are calling Relax, sleep overcome Yet I cannot entertain That thought of switching off I’ll have a few more moments Before quietly drifting off I drift upon blue ocean Calm yet nodding waves Pebble lapping symphony Palm trees breezy sway Sunlight warmth of sand Grains…


Starlight wonder Surround us light Flicker soflty Glow dark night Warmth of yellow Blanket white Cloud that covers Sleep tonight Planet tilting Moon entwined Sun arising Morning mind.


Have you sold your soul? Can he hear your plee? Ticking clock runs out In your life of glee Lived all your lux In filth and squander World of waste, not much wonder Flight of poor while fancy free Living high society Baby born upon wrong path Seed is growing full of wrath Heat is…


I want to scream It’s all inside Anger built A needing void Where are you all? This world is empty Days gone buy Ageing plenty A waste of years A vat of nothing Behold its out there World of plenty.


Peach petal rose Bloom bud Dawn scent Ivy crawl garden wall Thorn that spikes Starts to stall Beauty fresh unfold Your mind Hazy day Relax unwind.

Day out in Britain

Tye dye beanie hat on hikers balding head Weathered leather walking boots Dark clouds up ahead Selfie by a scenic spot Stone on cairn near parking lot Squashed sandwich in a rucksack Next to fold out map and compass For the path is unknown With a cafe around mid roam Tourist info gift shop With…


Howl wild wind Circle round my window Knock upon my door Rain tap your teardrop fingers Gust bellow, mighty call Watch the dancing fire Crackle, sleep, retire Calmness drifts in mind Peaceful morning tide.


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